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Our Mission

Transparency, alignment, and efficiency for every engineering organization.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies, we help teams of all sizes drive success through better alignment, improved transparency, and continuous innovation.

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Code Climate By the Numbers

  • 2011 Founded
  • $66MM In Funding
  • 1,000+ Happy Customers
  • 65% Boost in PR Throughput
  • 75+ World Wide Employees
  • 70% Decrease in Cycle Time

Trusted By 1,000+ Organizations

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Our Story

Founded to help engineering teams drive continuous improvement across people, process, and code

Code Climate was founded in 2011 to help solve a problem that both our co-founders experienced as software engineering leaders: how can you ensure software quality, even as you move further away from the code? To solve this, we built Quality, an automated code review tool, which has helped over 100,000 individual developers worldwide save time and improve the maintainability of their codebases.

We soon realized that software quality is not the only intangible issue that managers face every day. Software engineering uses all kinds of physical metaphors such as “shipping” and “building” to compensate for the fact that it’s a largely invisible discipline. Code Climate’s flagship product, Velocity, analyzes all the data from your GitHub repos and provides you with heads-up displays, real-time analytics, and custom reports to give you a clearer perspective on how your engineering team is working.

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Bryan Helmkamp CEO + Co-Founder
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Our Values

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Start With Why
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Build Trust With Transparency
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Take Initiative
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Ship Early and Often
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Strive for Great
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